Multicultural Water Safety and Settlement

Life Saving Victoria LogoAs Australia’s population has steadily increased over time, so has the diversity and makeup of the people within it. Victoria becomes more culturally diverse each day and unfortunately many of these more recent Australians have not received water or swimming education that is so important to their safety due to a number of barriers to participation.

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Creating inclusive multi-faith workplaces

inclusion in the workplace - multifaithCreating inclusive multi-faith workplaces is a new resource for DCA members to help workplaces move away from simply ‘accommodating’ the needs of their multi-faith employees, towards making workplaces inclusive for everyone in Australia’s increasingly religiously diverse workplaces.

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Understanding the changes to Australian migration regulations

australian visaThe Australian government has announced a variety of changes to the regulations surrounding migration in 2019, leaving many confused as to how they will be impacted. Earlier this year, the government announced that they would drop their overall immigration cap from 190,000 to 160,000.

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Resource: Fathering Across Cultures Website

Fathering across cultures logoThe Fathering Across Cultures Website is for people and organisations in the community and health services sector, as well as in the multicultural and settlement sector, who engage with new and expectant fathers from migrant and refugee backgrounds as part of their work.

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Settlement in Regional Australia

Regional AustraliaMany people settled in Australia’s capital cities say they would have preferred to resettle in regional towns had they known what opportunities were available to them outside of metropolitan centres. As the lifestyle and employment opportunities become more widely known, many migrants living in big cities are raising their hands to move to regional communities.

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What is the health requirement for Australian visa applicants and how could it affect you?

visa formSBS EXPLAINER: The controversial requirement is often the one thing standing between many migrant families and permanent residency in Australia. It affects nearly everyone with a disability or illness applying for an Australian visa, it’s been around for decades and has been labelled as discriminatory and ableist – but many people have no idea that the immigration health requirement even exists.

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Multicultural Community Perspectives on Disability and the NDIS

The World is OursThe Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria (ECCV) consulted with migrant and refugee community members to identify what facilitates or hinders access to the NDIS and other disability services for them, their families, and their communities. ECCV wanted to better understand if and how the NDIS has improved the lives and wellbeing of Victoria’s culturally diverse communities. It was found that many community members face significant difficulties accessing appropriate disability services, lack adequate knowledge, and are currently prevented from participating and reaching their full potential in society.

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New paper to assist migration to regional areas

Regional Australia Institute LogoThe Regional Australia Institute has released a new paper aimed at helping regional communities to attract and retain migrants from Australia’s cities or overseas, new arrivals on skilled working visas, or humanitarian grounds.

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