Multicultural Water Safety and Settlement

Life Saving Victoria LogoAs Australia’s population has steadily increased over time, so has the diversity and makeup of the people within it. Victoria becomes more culturally diverse each day and unfortunately many of these more recent Australians have not received water or swimming education that is so important to their safety due to a number of barriers to participation.

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ManNewScript – rewriting the way we work with men

boys into menJoin the Child and Family Services Alliance and Goulburn Family Violence Executive at the ManNewScript Conference on 13 November at the Woolshed, Emerald Bank. We aim to create the space to inspire conversation, gain deeper insight and discuss modern attitudes about approaches to working with men in a contemporary space.  Our focus is towards encouraging and challenging our thinking as practitioners and communities, as we move forward into a new era.

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Australian Citizenship Day 2019

Flag of Australia

Australian Citizenship Day is celebrated each year on 17 September.

Australian Citizenship Day is a special day to reflect on and celebrate being an Australian citizen. Australian Citizenship is more than a legal status. It is our common bond that represents our shared democratic beliefs and gives us a sense of belonging and pride in our achievements as a nation.

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Creating inclusive multi-faith workplaces

inclusion in the workplace - multifaithCreating inclusive multi-faith workplaces is a new resource for DCA members to help workplaces move away from simply ‘accommodating’ the needs of their multi-faith employees, towards making workplaces inclusive for everyone in Australia’s increasingly religiously diverse workplaces.

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Migration Information Session

National Union of Workers LogoA lawyer from the National Union of Workers will conduct a Migration Information Session on the evening of 30 September for the aid of temporary workers and sessional workers in the region of Greater Shepparton. A number of wage cases for sessional and temporary worker visa holders in the region have been won for the benefit of workers. This session will also target Arabic-speaking workers.

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Standard Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid Australia logoStandard Mental Health First Aid is offered in Shepparton as a free, two-day course. Mental health first aid is the help provided to a person who is developing a mental health problem, experiencing a worsening of an existing mental health problem or in a mental health crisis. The sessions will commence at the Senior Citizens Centre on Thursday 12 September and Thursday 19 September.

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Religious discrimination bill could legalise race hate speech, Law Council warns

Law Council of Australia logoThe expression of religious beliefs that offend, insult or humiliate people based on their race could be effectively legalised by the Coalition’s religious discrimination bill, the Law Council of Australia has warned.

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