Voice for Silent People

Voice for Silent People is an organisation that aims to raise awareness of the lives of ordinary people in places such as the Democratic Republic of Congo.

As members of the Voice For Silent People, we strongly believe that everybody in the world should do something to stop the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. All of us are using devices and tools made with minerals exploited in Congo. Businesses exploiting these minerals don’t tell the world that they selfishly and nastily allow horrible crimes on local populations in Congo in order to get expensive mineral for nothing. This information published by ABC will provide you with more information about those crimes.

⊕ Goals
1. To be a Voice for Silent People as an entity in the community.

2. To know the story of a range of unjust situations and to discern the facts behind the story.

3. To raise consciousness about unjust situations, particularly conflict and violence, locally and globally.

4. To educate for cultural change when the negation of a person’s rights is as a result of unacceptable cultural beliefs and practices.

5. To empower victims of injustice to seek support and justice for themselves.

6. To assist victims of injustice.


Every human being has a right to live his or her life with dignity.

In our world today,.there are many situations of injustice and oppression that deny people their fundamental rights.

Many of these people become silent victims, whose voices are not heard.

As citizens in-a global society, we believe we all have a duty to work towards equity and justice for every person.

Voice for Silent People endeavours to be a voice for the voiceless through promotion of human rights.

⊕ Vision

Voice for Silent People strives to:

  • Recognise and promote the human dignity of all people.
  • Educate the community about the stories of the victims of injustice who have no voice.
  • Advocate for a change of attitude and understanding of the need to support and provide a voice for victims.

Voice for Silent People will hold a launch of this project on evening of Thursday, 30 May 2019 at Mgr Peter Jeffrey Hall, 121 Knight St, Shepparton.

Program: Voice for Silent People Launch
Date: Thursday, 30 May 2019
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Mgr Peter Jeffrey Hall (behind St Brendan’s Church)
Address: 121 Knight St, Shepparton
RSVP: Damien: m:0438 088 403
RSVP: Jean Marie: m:0432 405 572
Website: http://www.voiceforsilentpeople.org

Children mining cobalt in slave-like conditions as global demand for battery material surges


Mobile Phone display - uses cobalt
Cobalt is used to stabilise batteries in phones.

If you have not spared a thought for cobalt since high school science, then it might be time.

It is having a boom, and the modern world is increasingly reliant on it — using it to stabilise batteries in phones, computers and electric cars; in fact, it is probably in the device you are using right now.

But there is a catch.

Cobalt is mined in a string of countries around the world including Australia, but most of the world’s supply comes from just one country in Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) — a nation with a long record of poorly-enforced labour standards and child exploitation.

And because cobalt is in such high demand right now, its global price has soared, doubling over the course of last year.

According to human rights organisation Amnesty International, that growth has put pressure on miners in the DRC to ramp up production, leading in turn to tens of thousands of children being lured or forced into gruelling and dangerous mine work.

Amnesty International researcher Lauren Armistead has spent time in the DRC and told the ABC’s daily news podcast The Signal the work in the cobalt mines was extremely hazardous, especially without the right protective equipment.

“The work, by its very nature, is the worst possible form of child labour,” Ms Armistead said.

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Children in DR Congo - who are voiceless


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