South Sudan Council of Churches presents new website for peace

On 5 April, the South Sudan Council of Churches officially presented its new website through a slideshow featuring photos from the site reflecting the idea of embracing peace. Several heads of churches attended to express their support for the council and its latest mode of strengthening communication with its members and with peace supporters across the globe.

The new website features a definition of the collective church: “By its very nature, the church is a peacemaker,” the site reads. “It is who we are, not just a project that we do. Peace is more than just the absence of war, and we commit ourselves to this long-term process lasting decades.”

As the website was brought online, Archbishop Justin Badi Arama, primate of the Province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan, offered remarks reflecting on embracing peace.

“As we continue to search for peace, it is our prayer that all South Sudanese will work for peace by forgiving one another, by forgetting the past,” Arama said. “That is our prayer, that is our struggle, that is our hope, that our citizens embrace peace, that our leaders give us a chance for peace, so that our children, our vulnerable will seek peace. May God forgive us and may God hep us on this journey for peace in South Sudan.”

The South Sudan Council of Churches, based in Juba, is an ecumenical body comprised of seven member churches and associate churches in South Sudan with a strong legacy of peacebuilding, reconciliation and advocacy. The council provides a platform to enhance the spirit of ecumenical cooperation towards collective action for peace.

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