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The Settlement Services Program delivers core settlement support for humanitarian entrants and other eligible migrants in their first five years of life in Australia. It aims to assist eligible clients to become self-reliant and participate equitably, while maximising the productivity of our diversity and the economic well-being of clients by enabling them to become fully-functioning members of society as soon as possible and thereby minimise longer-term reliance on social services..

Eligible clients include humanitarian entrants, family migrants with low levels of English proficiency and dependants of skilled migrants in rural and regional areas with low English proficiency.

The broad aim of the Settlement Services Program is to deliver services which assist eligible clients to become self-reliant and participate equitably in Australian society, with a focus on fostering social participation, economic well-being, independence, personal well-being and community connectedness.

Women's Rights, Health Education and Support – Shepparton New Arrival Communities

The Shepparton community project will be in three parts targeting community members from countries where the practice of Female Genital Mutilation is prevalent:

Firstly a workshop aimed at all professionals who may come into contact with women, girls and families affected by FGM with an objective of providing culturally appropriate care for women, girls and families affected by female genital mutilation 

Issues covered:

  • How is FGM embedded in culture?
  • Why and where is it practiced?
  • How does it affect women?
  • Legislation framework.
  • How to work with women affected by FGM.

Secondly a Community development and education program focussing supporting bilingual workers / volunteers who will be supported by professionals to provide education in their own languages. The project uses various methods such as forums, face-to-face and community meetings to increase awareness. The project will also disseminate information about laws in Australia, health issues and the negative impact of the practice.

Thirdly the project will trial the use of social media and other mediums to disseminate a range of resource materials to the target communities.



The Place-Based Targeted Grants Program supports locally based partnership projects to reduce the risks of crime and increase community safety in areas experiencing high rates of crime and disadvantage.

The objectives of the Place-Based Targeted Grants Program are to:

  • promote the development and delivery of integrated crime prevention initiatives as part of a strategic approach to increase community safety in particular local communities
  • support local communities to develop collaborative approaches to reducing the likelihood of crime in areas with high rates of crime and disadvantage
  • build capacity and capability in local communities to apply problem solving approaches to develop tailored, evidence-based crime prevention initiatives.

The Ethnic Council leads a consortium of local service providers delivering programs supporting awareness of the justice system, social connectedness, community capacity building, intercultural connections and improved intergenerational relationships within Shepparton. These programs include an interactive Police Tour, A Mini Justice Program, the Friendship Café, Sing English program, Conversations in Clay and Fibre, Parenting in a New Culture and the African Community Vegetable Garden.

These activities provide an opportunity to build on the strengths of this diverse community through a targeted approach focused on young people aged 13-25 years to improve overall social cohesion, community connectedness and confidence, and reduce isolation.


The Capacity Building and Participation (CBP) Program is designed to build the knowledge and skills of multicultural communities across Victoria to fully participate and contribute to everyday life in Victoria.

The program seeks to strengthen the participation, inclusion and contribution of high needs groups including regional multicultural communities; refugees and asylum seekers; youth; women; seniors; and lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual and intersex (LGBTI) multicultural community members. The program also seeks to build community capacity to respond to family violence including through initiatives focused on promoting gender equality, women's leadership, women's financial literacy, family safety, family violence prevention and service access.

The CBP Program emphasizes a collaborative approach where communities and organisations work together on priority issues, and additional contributions are leveraged through partnerships with government, philanthropy and/or community agencies.

The program aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • build the capacity of Victoria's multicultural communities to actively contribute to all aspects of life in Victoria;
  • strengthen participation, inclusion and service access by multicultural communities across Victoria; r
  • strengthen the capacity of multicultural community organisations; and
  • to foster collaborative and partnership approaches between community and organisations.

Ethnic Council, Greater Shepparton Council, Moira Shire Council, Goulburn Ovens TAFE and Red Cross will develop a comprehensive program of community consultation to identify issues for community plans, community profiling and training for community leadership groups. A range of other activities focussing on school based programs, cultural awareness and social inclusion will be delivered.

The partnership approach will strengthen stakeholder engagement and coordination to identify areas of service duplication and overlap and enhance the pathways to employment opportunity, training providers and education.

Ethnic Council staff will assist members and community organisations with support in a diverse range of activities including applications for funding, becoming an incorporated association, financial reporting and organising events.



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