Designated Area Migration Agreement for the Goulburn Valley

Designated Area Migration AgreementThe Goulburn Valley in Victoria is the latest region to take advantage of a Designated Area Migration Agreement. It is forecasted the Goulburn Valley DAMA will result in a $144 million economic boost over its first four years, as well as drive population growth and create additional job opportunities for Australians.

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visual communication

With its #StandUp4Migrants campaign, UN Human Rights aims to bring hope and shared values to the core of how the story on migration is told. Through changing the way we tell stories about migrants and migration, we can bring communities together and ensure the human rights of migrants are upheld.

Ellena Ekarahendy designed the powerful illustrations which are at the heart of our campaign. Ekarahendy is a visual communication designer based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and believes in ‘good design for good deeds.’

Depicting unity and community, she tells us about the power of art to bring people together.

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اليوم العالمي للغة العربية 18 كانون الأول/ديسمبر

World Arabic Language Day

إن الذي ملأ اللغاتِ محاسنًا # جعل الجمال وسره في الضاد

ُتُعد اللغة العربية ركناً من أركان التنوع الثقافي للبشرية. وهي إحدى اللغات الأكثر انتشاراً واستخداماً في العالم، إذ يتكلمها يومياً ما يزيد على 400 مليون نسمة من سكان المعمورة.

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Multicultural Communities Leadership in Action Program 2022

Multicultural Communities Leadership in Action Program 2022 Applications are now open for the inaugural Multicultural Communities Leadership in Action Program. The Multicultural Communities Leadership in Action Program will build the capability of community leaders to engage with the government and their own communities. It will create a talent pool of informed and influential leaders able to mobilise communities, negotiate with government and form collaborative partnerships. Participants will complete two, half-day sessions between February and May 2022 under one of three streams; women, young people or generalist. 

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