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Covid 19 Video

The current wave of Covid-19 is the largest and fastest in almost two years, and yet there’s little public acknowledgement of its existence. How dangerous is it? Here are messages in language: Dari, Dinka, Swahili, Punjabi and Sudanese Arabic:

Covid Message in Dari:

Covid Message in Dinka

Covid Message in Punjabi

Covid Message in Swahili

Covid Message in Sudanese Arabic

Protecting yourself from Covid

The best way to protect loved ones and those most vulnerable is by protecting yourself. Here's how:

⟴ Wear a mask
⟴ Stay home if sick
⟴ Test if you have symptomsk
⟴ Let fresh air in or meet outdoorsk
⟴ Stay up to date with your vaccinationsk
⟴ Talk to your GP about COVID medicines.k
⟴ If you don't get COVID, you can't spread COVID.k
For more information on how to protect yourself and those around you, visit:

SBS – Arabic


SBS – Dari

SBS - Dari

SBS – Dinka

SBS - Dinka

SBS – Pashto

SBS - Pashto

SBS – Swahili

SBS - Swahili

SBS – Urdu

SBS - Urdu

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Racism - Have you been unfairly treated? Regardless of where you’re from, what you look like, what you believe or what language you speak, no one should have to endure racism in the place they call home. Thanks for your support to help combat racism in Victoria.

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