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Border Closure Update

NSW - Vic Border Bubble

Victoria – NSW Border

Take Care for Everyone

SBS News in Easy English

SBS Radio has launched a daily news bulletin for new English speakers – SBS News in Easy English. This is A daily 5 minute news wrap for English learners. Click the Image to go to SBS News in Easy English! SBS Radio launches SBS News in Easy English

Update on the Use of Masks

Face mask rules have changed. You must carry a mask with you at all times. You must wear one in shopping centres, supermarkets, large stores, public transport, taxis and ride shares.

Update on the use of Masks

A fitted masks helps

fitted masks for Victoria


A fitted mask gives a barrier

fitted masks for Victoria


Fitted masks contain droplets

fitted masks for Victoria


Fitted masks reduce spread


Community Reporting Tool

Racism: Community Reporting Tool

Racism - Have you been unfairly treated? Regardless of where you’re from, what you look like, what you believe or what language you speak, no one should have to endure racism in the place they call home. Thanks for your support to help combat racism in Victoria.

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