Hardship Payments Increased

Hardship Payments Increased

The Victorian Government is doubling an assistance payment for those experiencing significant financial hardship as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, as part of a $50 million program to make sure people are not falling through the cracks.

The Government has commissioned the Red Cross to provide financial assistance, information and referrals to those doing it tough during the pandemic who are not eligible for Commonwealth support or the International Student Emergency Relief Fund.

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Coronavirus for Kids

Lots of parents have asked the Doctor and Nanogirl for help in explaining coronavirus COVID-19 to their children. Here is a quick video that I hope will help explain what we currently know to your little ones.



Urgent need to Protect Migrant Women from Domestic Violence during the Coronavirus

Lockdown and Migrant women at risk of violence

There is a “serious and urgent” need for more investment in domestic violence services tailored to victims from culturally diverse backgrounds, a Senate inquiry has heard.

Multicultural groups have sounded the alarm over the lack of support during the coronavirus crisis in a series of submissions to a domestic violence review.

Rajya Arabi is a frontline worker at the Muslim Women’s Association’s Linking Hearts Service, where she works with women from culturally diverse backgrounds dealing with family violence.

In its submission, the association said the heightened risk of domestic violence during the coronavirus pandemic has made the need to invest in tailored services more urgent than ever.

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Why Victoria’s migrant communities are in need of more mental health support

Santino Atem Deng and familyCommunity leaders and mental health groups say new funding for mental health services during the coronavirus pandemic needs to include targeted multicultural support, amid fears many new migrants are still not accessing mainstream services. Here, SBS News interviews Santino Atem Deng, who has run several workshops on Family development in Shepparton.

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Regional Victorians Urged To Get Tested

Premier of Victoria

Regional Victorians experiencing coronavirus symptoms are encouraged to get tested this week – to ensure we find as many coronavirus cases as possible and protect regional communities.

Since January, 360,000 tests have been processed in regional Victoria with almost 90 testing sites now open.

To date, regional Victorians have done a remarkable job staying home and slowing the spread and while coronavirus numbers are lower in regional areas than metropolitan Melbourne, new data confirms some concerning trends.

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NATIONAL Multilingual News Service

NATIONAL Multilingual News Service


The NEMBC has started a Multilingual News Service (MNS) and is producing daily news bulletins in 6 languages with plans for expansion.

The MNS is produced by ethnic community radio broadcasters in Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Punjabi, Pacific Islander English and Mandarin with plans to include Indonesian, Vietnamese and an Asian English program this week.

These daily 5 minute news bulletins are available for free to any ethnic community broadcasters that would like to play them on their programs. Listen to the programs on Soundcloud or request an MP3 file be sent to you from admin@nembc.org.au to receive them daily before midday from Monday to Saturday.

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