Friendly tournament: Joining communities through soccer

Soccer friendly in Shepparton

Sport — a universal language.

Across the globe, people are connected by the power of the game and so, Shepparton’s Bishal Kunwar thought it only right to join regional and metropolitan through a soccer match.

In collaboration with Shepparton Malayalee Association, Mr Kunwar organised the game for Saturday, June 18, between the Shepparton FC team and the Melbourne Nepal team, who travelled just to play.

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Qualified Afghan refugees are being denied a shot at harnessing their skills.

In Australia and many other countries the existing legislations and rules have limits imposed on what individuals from a refugee background or the various visa status holders can or cannot study, work etc. Similarly, the existing mechanism for job seekers and unemployment benefits often does not serve the purpose of the Canberra government as well as the beneficiary in the long-run. Australia’s olive branch to Afghan refugees is welcome, but it’s only the first step to healing the scars of the past.

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Multicultural Women’s Health Expo

Multicultural Women's Health Expo

For Refugee Week, Wise Women Well in collaboration with the Ethnic Council will hold a Multicultural Women’s Health Expo at St Paul’s African House on Wednesday 29 June from 10:00-2:30pm. Childcare and Lunch will be provided for all attending. Many local agencies will be participating in this event. Language help is available for Arabic along with Sudanese, Syrian, Hazaragi, Dari, Farsi, Dinka, Arabic, Swahili, Gikuyu, Sinhala, Kirundi, Tagalog.

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Flamingo Project’s Mentorship Program 2.0 with Khadija Gbla

Flamingo Project LogoThe University of Melbourne School of Rural Health and Frontline Human Resources present the Mentorship Program 2.0 at the School of Rural Health, Graham St, Shepparton on 30 July 2022. The Flamingo Project’s Mentorship Program connects women of all walks of life to help each other’s personal and professional development. Khadija Gbla will be the guest speaker.

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Crime Stoppers Victoria Announces New CALD Resources

Crime stoppers victoria logo Crime Stoppers Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation that works with the community and the media to help police solve crime and keep Victoria safe. Reporting Crime and Criminal activity is a right of all persons in Victoria. Crime Stoppers Victoria have produced materials and video in many languages to assist the cultural and linguistically diverse community members.

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