Settlement in Regional Australia

Regional AustraliaMany people settled in Australia’s capital cities say they would have preferred to resettle in regional towns had they known what opportunities were available to them outside of metropolitan centres. As the lifestyle and employment opportunities become more widely known, many migrants living in big cities are raising their hands to move to regional communities.

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Royal Commission into Aged Care – Tell Your Story

Royal Commission Aged Care Logo

The Royal Commission into Aged Care needs to hear from people who have migrated to Australia or taken asylum in Australia.

FECCA has launched a new toolkit designed to help culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) older Australians and their families and carers tell their stories to the Aged Care Royal Commission.

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Australia to offer more backpacker visas

apple orchard with pickers

Backpackers from 13 countries are being targeted by Immigration Minister David Coleman as he seeks to find workers wanted by regional businesses. The move has won in-principle support from the National Farmers’ Federation, even if it is still demanding a fully fledged agricultural visa.

Australia is in discussions about expanding the work and holiday visa to people from India, Brazil, Mexico, the Philippines, Switzerland, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Andorra, Monaco and Mongolia.

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Justice is slow in the ‘fast’ asylum regime

highlights on a roadFast track has left thousands of genuine refugees in limbo and made lawful what would otherwise be considered gross administrative misfeasance. Fast track applicants were not sent to Nauru or Manus and they live in the Australian community, as do others who seek our protection and arrived by plane. Despite this, they are singled out with a particularly harsh standard of administrative justice.

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Spent Convictions and Settlement, Shepparton.

The Victorian Parliament Legislative Council Legal and Social Issues Committee is currently conducting hearings into the proposed Spent Convictions legislation. A hearing was conducted at The Connection, Midland Highway, on Monday 15 July 2019. The Ethnic Council of Shepparton and District appeared before the hearing.

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Bridging visa ‘blow out’ now bigger than Hobart and Government expects it to keep growing

fruit picking in South Australia

The number of people in Australia waiting for a visa decision has swelled to a size equivalent to the population of Hobart.

According to the Department of Home Affairs, 229,000 people on bridging visas were in Australia in March. Hobart’s population at the latest census was 222,000.

And a new report has identified the impact of this group on the labour market for the first time.

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Sharing the Stories of Australian Muslims

Sharing Muslim storiesThe Race Discrimination Commissioner is undertaking a project to listen to and share the stories of Australian Muslims. He is holding national consultations with members of the Australian Muslim community about their needs and experiences of discrimination, Islamophobia and hate speech and their right to safely practice their religion.

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