UN Youth Consultation for ages 13 – 25

UN Youth Rep ConsulationIn partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Youth Representative travels Australia consulting with young people on a National Listening Tour before representing us at the United Nations General Assembly.

Your 2019 Youth Rep, Kareem El-Ansary, is coming to you! Participate in this year’s Listening Tour so your ideas can be heard by some of the world’s most influential people.

Kareem El-Ansary will be at St Paul’s African House at 4:30pm on 25 July, to listen to the youth of Shepparton and the Goulburn Valle.

The 2019 Youth Representative to the United Nations is Kareem El-Ansary.
Kareem’s Vision

In 2019, the Youth Representative Program will look to the future. Specifically, what kind of future young Australians want to build and the tools they will need to build it.

We want to ensure that young people are included in the decisions that will shape their future, are afforded opportunities to create positive change and are given a platform to speak up.

Young Australians are incredibly diverse. We want to capture that diversity in the Listening Tour. This includes expanding the program’s regional engagement and ensuring that it is accessible to every young person who wants to participate.

Through our consultation, we will uncover what issues young people care most deeply about. But we won’t stop there. Young people represent a generation of potential. They are creative, complex and have great ideas that deserve to be heard.

That’s why we’ll also be seeking out the ideas of Australia’s young people. We want to know what solutions they envision to the greatest challenges of our time, ensure they are heard by our leaders and continue to have a voice in our public conversation.

Meet Kareem

2019 Youth Rep, Kareem El-AnsaryKareem is 23 years old and lives in Melbourne with his family and his Siberian Husky! Kareem has a passion for volunteer work and social impact having worked across the non-profit, development and youth sectors for the past two years.

He has diverse experience working with young people in Australia and abroad and is committed to ensuring they are given opportunities to contribute to important decisions and are treated as valued members of the community.

In 2017/18, Kareem worked with the Oaktree Foundation, a leading youth-led aid and development agency where he ran the ‘Live Below the Line’ campaign, one of Australia’s largest digital fundraisers tackling extreme poverty. Following Oaktree, Kareem took up a position running the Asia-Pacific Youth Organisation (APYO); an Australian based NGO working to build platforms across the Asia-Pacific region that build the capacity and influence of young people. Kareem is also one of four young board members of the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria (YACVic); Victoria’s peak body and leading policy advocate for young people’s issues.

Beyond his professional work, Kareem is an avid traveller, reader, musician and actor having been involved with a number of theatre companies across Melbourne.

Kareem El-Ansary will be at St Paul’s African House at 4:30pm on 25 July, to listen to the youth of Shepparton and the Goulburn Valley.



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