Survey hints at hidden racism

Diversity not racism

A recent Guardian Essential Poll – while assessing attitudes to politics – asked participants about their attitudes to racism. Some surprising results were given, “People are scared to say … …”

The Guardian Essential survey this fortnight suggests that voters, having made their choice on 18 May, are more likely to think the Morrison government’s policies will make a positive difference to Australia (41%) than a negative one (23%).

Voters were also asked about their family backgrounds and their attitudes to various statements about racism. The results of the survey suggest over a third of Australians who are first- or second-generation immigrants agree that they have personally experienced racism (36%) or racial discrimination in Australia (38%).

Despite this lived experience, a majority in the sample seem to think there is too much political correctness. Almost two-thirds (62%) agree with the statement: “People are scared to say what they really think because they don’t want to be labelled as racist.”



Diversity not racism
Cultural diversity is not an avenue for racism



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