Family Violence – Primary Prevention

Respect Victoria LogoRespect Victoria is an independent Statutory Authority dedicated to the primary prevention of all forms of family violence and violence against women. Our focus is on stopping violence before it starts by changing the culture that allows it to happen.

We do this by following a primary prevention approach. Primary prevention works by identifying the underlying causes – or drivers – of violence. These include the social norms, practices and structures that influence individual attitudes and behaviours. Primary prevention focuses on challenging these driver across the whole community.


All people are safe, equal and respected, and free from all forms of family violence and violence against women.


To prevent all forms of family violence and violence against women before they happen, by driving evidence-informed primary prevention.


Principles of Respect Victoria
Human rightsHuman rights are essential in a democratic and inclusive society that respects the rule of law, human dignity, equality and freedom.
Gender EqualityGender equality is the precondition for a more equal society and includes the social right, responsibilities and opportunities of women, men, trans and gender diverse people.
Self-DeterminationSelf-determination is the foundation for better outcomes for Aboriginal people. It is an approach that recognizes and respects the inherent strength and diversity of Aboriginal people, families and communities.
IntersectionalityIntersectionality recognizes people’s lived experiences and the interconnected nature of their identities across gender and gender identities, sexual orientation, race ethnicity, Aboriginality, language, religion, class, socio-economic status, ability and age.


To achieve this vision, Respect Victoria will:
Research,monitor and evaluateInform policy and practice through research, monitoring and evaluation into the drivers of violence and how violence can be prevented.
Communicate and engageBuild community awareness of the drivers of all forms of family violence and violence against women, contribute to cultural change and challenge these drivers.
Drive uptakeDrive uptake of best practice primary prevention by setting the standard and supporting policy makers and practitioners in government, industry, organisations and communities.
Coordinate and collaborateCoordinate and collaborate to strengthen primary prevention across government, industry, organisations and communities.
Advise and influenceAdvise and positively influence government, industry and organisations on effective primary prevention policy, practice and investment.


Values driving the work of Respect Victoria:
AccountabilityWe are accountable to victim-survivors, the community and government
CollaborationWe know that together we can do more
CourageWe forge a new path to guide others
ExcellenceWe are thorough in our work and strive for excellence in everything we do.
LeadershipWe set the standard and provide stewardship
PersistenceWe continue our work until all forms of family violence and violence against women are eradicated


As a new organisation, priority will be given to developing robust governance, organisational and core business functions that allow us to deliver on our purpose.

Download the Respect Victoria Strategic Plan 2019-2022 (Opens in new window)

Respect women: call it out–active bystander

There’s a big difference between eye contact and leering

‘Sexual harassment’ is any form of unwelcome sexual behaviour that can be offensive, humiliating or intimidating. It can be obvious or indirect, physical or verbal, repeated or one-off. On public transport, sexual harassment may include:

  • staring or leering
  • deliberately brushing up against you or unwelcome touching
  • suggestive comments or jokes
  • insults or taunts of a sexual nature
  • intrusive questions or statements about your private life
  • behaviour that may also be considered to be an offence under criminal law, such as physical assault, indecent exposure, sexual assault, stalking or obscene communications.

This campaign is designed to bring all Victorians into the conversation around sexual harassment on public transport by providing the tools to call out inappropriate behaviours. Safety in public spaces is everyone’s business and every commuter has the right to make it home safely.

Family violence services and support

In an emergency, call Triple Zero (000).
If you, or someone you know, is affected by sexual assault, domestic or family violence, call 1800RESPECT (1800 737 732) or Safe Steps (1800 015 188) to talk to a free confidential counsellor, available 24 hours seven days a week. You can also visit or





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