Home Safety Checklist – in Translation

Home Safety Checklist - in TranslationVictoria Police in their community protection role have provided a home safety check list. Translations are provided in Ahmaric, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional) Dinka, Farsi, Khmer, Nepali, Punjabi, Somali, Thai and Vietnamese.

Top Ten Safety Points – Start Here

Burglaries are a violation of your privacy and security. The personal impact and loss of irreplaceable items may be even greater than the value of the items

We understand that time and money is short, so have recommended the top ten tasks to look at straight away to keep your home and belongings safe.

Are all of your doors and windows locked, even when you’re at home?

Do you keep your car and house keys out of sight and away from doors and windows?

Have you removed all spare keys from your property, and only left one with a trusted family member or neighbour?

Have you gotten to know your neighbours? They may be able to mind your house when you are away, and recognise unusual activity while you’re out.

Is an alarm and/or surveillance camera installed and operating?

Alternatively, have you considered adopting a dog (or putting up dog-related signage)?

Have you photographed your valuables and recorded their details on a property inventory form?

When away, do you only post holiday snaps on social media after you’ve returned home?

When away, have you asked a trusted individual to collect your mail and take your bins in and out?

Is there security lighting (e.g. sensor lights) installed around the house, illuminatnig entryways?

Are you checking your mail, and taking your bins in and out regularly?

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Downloads in your language:

Translations are provided:
2023 Home Security Checklist_Amharic
2023 Home Security Checklist_Arabic
Chinese (Simplified, Traditional)
2023 Home Security Checklist_Dinka
2023 Home Security Checklist_Farsi
2023 Home Security Checklist_Khmer
2023 Home Security Checklist_Nepali
2023 Home Security Checklist_Punjabi
2023 Home Security Checklist_Somali
2023 Home Security Checklist_Thai
2023 Home Security Checklist_Vietnamese


Home Safety Checklist - in Translation




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