Horticulture labour hire workers

Labour Hire AuthorityThe Victorian Labour Hire Authority provides assistance to Horticulture workers to ensure they are treated fairly, paid the correct wages and have their rights as workers protected under the Law. Here, information is given to help protect Horticulture workers in the field (orchards, farms, picking, like this…)


If you work for a contractor picking, packing or planting fruit or vegetables, you’re probably a labour hire worker, and your rights are protected under Victorian law.

You may also do work for the contractor like sorting, labelling, grading, thinning, pruning or spraying plants.

If you are a labour hire worker, and you have concerns about you or your workmates being treated unfairly, let us know at the Labour Hire Authority (LHA).


You can make a confidential report if you are worried that you or your workmates:

  • are being paid unfairly
  • have health and safety risks at work
  • have your VISA status put at risk by your employer
  • are living in unsafe or unhealthy accommodation provided by your employer
  • are employed by a company that does not have a labour hire licence.

So we can help you, please include details like business names, people’s names, addresses, dates and times.

Also include evidence – like pay slips, timesheets, messages or emails – and a way for us to contact you if possible.


You Can report a problem here  ← Click or Tap

You can also make a report using a translation service by contact Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) on 131 450 – tell them what language and ask them to call LHA on 1300 545 200.

If you have questions, or if would prefer to make a report by phone, you can call LHA directly on 1300 545 200.

What will happen when I report a problem?

It is against the law for you to be fired or penalised for raising an issue about your workplace rights, and you can ask for help from us directly or through a worker support organisation.

Your report will be taken seriously. It will remain confidential and not shared with any person, except as required or authorised by law.

Depending on what the problem is, we may also suggest that you make a report to the Fair Work Ombudsman or WorkSafe.

Check your employer’s licence status

If you are a labour hire worker in Victoria, your employer must hold a labour hire licence. You can check if your employer is licensed using the tools on the Check a provider’s licence status page at https://www.labourhireauthority.vic.gov.au/check-a-provider-s-licence-status/

If your employer is not licensed, you are at higher risk of unfair treatment, so you should let us know.


Authorised and published by the Labour Hire Authority, Bendigo VIC 3550. For translating and interpreter assistance call 131 450.

If you are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment, you can contact us through the National Relay Service via https://relayservice.gov.au

For more information or to subscribe to the Authority’s newsletter visit https://labourhireauthority.vic.gov.au/subscribe. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, contact enquiries@labourhireauthority.vic.gov.au or call 1300 545 200.


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