Omeni Ndlovu elected Lions Club District Governor

Omen Ndlovu

Congratulations to Omeni Ndlovu as he was inducted as the new District Governor for Lions Club District 201V6. We wish him a successful tenure in office.

Omeni Ndlovu is a former Secretary and Board Member of the Ethnic Council of Shepparton and District.

Acceptance Speech

Let me express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the District’s confidence in me taking on the role of District Governor for 2019 -2020. Leading the District cannot be a one-person role but that of a collective that includes the governance team, Cabinet and clubs in the district in general.

I commit myself to carry out this role with diligence and dedication to achieve the goals I have set and to assist the clubs to do the same.

My theme for the year is “Looking to the Future”. We all know where the District has been, where we are at the moment, both the past and the present lay the foundation of where the District is set to go – hence the theme. That future primarily rests on our CLUBS.

I call upon all club executives, in consultation with your members, to set common achievable goals for the year, to reach out to your general membership, assess their skills, capabilities and interests in particular projects and activities. Let us respect and accommodate each other regardless of differences of opinion or personality but always to remain focused on the mission at hand which is to Serve those less fortunate than ourselves.

The future of Lions is dependent on strong Leadership. I ask our members, club executives and Zone chairs to encourage their members to consider on–line training, the Faculty Development Institute, Emerging Lions Leadership Institute, Regional Lions Leadership Institute and the Advanced Lions Leadership Institute. Guiding Lions are integral in building, developing and sustaining clubs.
Omen Ndlovu
[… …]
In looking to the future, I will be focusing my attention on three humanitarian areas namely Vision, Childhood Cancer and Hunger. These three lie in the heart of our service and community for support and nurturing. The District has a pair of Vision Screening cameras and I urge clubs to take advantage of the training opportunity and use these cameras in primary schools to make a difference to those children who risk being left behind.

It is estimated that about 750 children aged 0 – 14 are diagnosed with cancer each year in Australia with an average 101 cancer deaths per year for children under the age of 15 in this country. Let us continue the work we do to support childhood cancer research.

More than four million Australians have experienced food insecurity in the last twelve months and twenty-two percent of all food insecure Australians are children. We are therefore naturally called upon to help address these and other humanitarian needs in whatever way possible for your clubs if you can.

Omen Ndlovu
District Governor 2019 -20


Omen Ndlovu with the District Governance Team
Omen Ndlovu with the District Governance Team




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