Find Your Way Program

St Paul's African House logoThe FIND YOUR WAY program, developed and delivered by St Paul’s African House (SPAH), aims to encourage and support the social and economic participation of refugees and migrants from Africa and other parts ofthe world in the Shepparton community. The program is funded through the Commonwealth Government’s Fostering Integration Grant program.

Phase One of the program, ’Aussie Street Talk’, focused on communication skills and better understanding Australian language, food, culture and traditions. Phase Two of the program is work-focused, with three separate parts. Participants may do one or more of these parts.


Part 1. JOB SEEKING (All welcome)
Offered in partnership with the Digital Springboard program.

Aim: To develop skills and competencies required to seek and obtain employment.

Participants may do a series of six 2-hour courses delivered by trained volunteers:

  1. Using a computer
  2. Introduction to using email
  3. Build a CV
  4. Write a cover letter
  5. Job interview skills
  6. Presentation skills

Each participant will be provided with a laptop computer to use during each 2-hour course.
Course commences on Saturday, 19 October at St Paul’s African House in the morning at 9:00 am

Part 2. UPSKILLING (All welcome)
Offered in partnership with GOTAFE and WodongaTAFE

Aim: To gain a qualification which will provide access to more skilled jobs.

Participants may enrol for one ofthe following short TAFE courses at a reduced fee:

  • Forklift driver’s licence
  • Cleaning course
  • Heavy vehicle licence
  • Food handler’s course
  • Barista Course
  • First aid course
  • Responsible Servicing of Alcohol certificate

Places are limited and conditions apply.
Participants will be assisted by a volunteer to complete the TAFE enrolment process.
Commencing in October 2019.
Delivered at GOTAFE campus, Shepparton or at DECA, Shepparton.

Part 3. STARTING YOUR OWN BUSlNESS (for African-Australians)
Offered in partnership with RMIT and Small Business Victoria (SBV)

Aim: To enable African-Australians who wish to set up their own small business. This may be an African catering, clothing, hairdressing and beauty, groceries, cleaning and maintenance business or some other type of business selling products/services.

Participants are encouraged to form a small ‘co-operative’ of 2-4 people with a shared interest in a specific type of business to do the course. However, they may also do the course as individuals.

Participants complete a series of 6 workshops (one every fortnight over 12 weeks) delivered by RMIT facilitators (including facilitators of African heritage).

  1. Introduction: what it means to run migrant businesses, key success factors, and having a business mindset
  2. Business fundamentals: identifying the opportunity and the business model, marketing plans and customer service. Additional information includes planning, resources (staff and money), knowing your customers, working together, where to go for help
  3. Financial management: planning the required resources to set-up and grow, operate profitably, achieve efficient use of capital
  4. Pricing your products so you make a profit and so your customers will pay: discussion on handling money, payment options, and understanding markets
  5. Qualities of successful business persons from migrant communities: strategies, values, behaviours and skills
  6. Group presentations on course assignment and feedback, with a representative from Small Business Victoria invited to observe

Co-operatives and sole operator businesses doing the course will discuss some topics all together and then separate to discuss aspects specific to their business type with a course facilitator at St Paul’s African House. For example:

  • Catering business co-operative members will plan their menu, test cook products and discuss packaging and pricing in St Paul’s commercial kitchen, while
  • Clothing business co-operative members will sew prototype clothing items on sewing machine in a St Paul’s African House meeting room

Volunteer mentors operating successful small businesses in Shepparton, Melbourne or elsewhere will join some workshop sessions to share their experience and expertise.

Commencing in October 2019.

Delivered at St Paul’s African House (at times yet to be determined).

On completion of the course, each newly created business will have the opportunity to pilot their products/services at St Paul’s African House and elsewhere.

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Find Your Way Flyer
St Paul's African House Shepparton

(from the first session, 19 October 2019)


Find Your Way
Business Literacy and Entrepreneurial skills training for African Australian small businesses


Participants and presenters - Find your way program
Participants and presenters – Find your way program at St Paul’s African House


Business Literacy and Entrepreneurial skills training for African Australian small businesses
Sample of work that could be sold in a business


Course convenors and presenters
Course conveners and presenters at the Business Literacy and Entrepreneurial skills training for African Australian small businesses, St Paul’s African House, Shepparton

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