COVID-19 Update for refugees and people seeking asylum

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As Australia and the world faces the rapidly escalating COVID-19 crisis, we stand with refugees, people seeking asylum and the organisations working with them.

A pandemic of this nature, unprecedented in our life-times, brings great uncertainty and fear for all of us, but especially the people most vulnerable in our society.

We have created this page to provide refugees, people seeking asylum and the organisations working with them resources to help them get the most up to date information about this crisis and the help you can get. We will update this page on an ongoing basis so if you’re aware of any resources that you think would be useful for us to share, please send them to

The Refugee Council of Australia is regularly consulting with our members to understand how they and the people they work with are impacted by COVID-19. We are communicating with the government our concerns and recommendations. If you are part of a refugee-led organisation or organisation working directly with refugees and people seeking asylum and would like to be part of these consultations and online meetings please email

Where you can get health and prevention information:

What economic support you can get from Centrelink:

In light of the impact of COVID-19, Economic Justice Australia has published a factsheet which provides information on what Centrelink can do for people affected by COVID-19. The factsheet covers:

  • Economic Support Payment for Centrelink recipients
  • Mutual Obligations
  • Payments if you don’t currently get Centrelink
  • Asset Hardship Provisions<

People who need legal help with Centrelink issues can find their local Economic Justice Australia member centre at

Services available to you:


Covid-19 testing


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