Racism has no place in Australia

Recently there has been an upsurge in racist abuse and attacks in parts of the nation. In response, the Home Affairs Dept has prepared Fact Sheet entitled “Racism has no place in Australia” which has been translated to many languages. A selection of these translations is given here for local community reading and, where necessary, taking of action against racism. Factsheets in Language are available.

In Australia it is against the law to do something in public based on the race, colour, national or ethnic origin of a person or group of people which is likely to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate.

Examples of racial hatred may include:

  • racially offensive material on the internet, including eforums, blogs, social networking sites and video sharing sites
  • racially offensive comments or images in a newspaper, magazine or other publication such as a leaflet or flyer
  • racially offensive speeches at a public rally
  • racially abusive comments in a public place, such as a shop, workplace, park, on public transport or at school
  • racially abusive comments at sporting events by players, spectators, coaches or officials.

The law aims to strike a balance between the right to communicate freely (‘freedom of speech’) and the right to live free from racial hatred. In some circumstances actions may not be against the law if they are “done reasonably and in good faith”.

If you experience racial hatred you can make a complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission. The complaint process is simple, free and flexible.

To lodge a complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission, visit www.humanrights.gov.au/complaints.

Translating and Interpreting Service

The Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) is an interpreting service for people who do not speak English. The majority of TIS National services are free to non-English speakers.

  • Phone: 131 450
  • Visit: https://www.tisnational.gov.au


Reporting Racism – Arabic:     تقرير العنصرية – عربي

Reporting Racism: Chinese (Simplified)      报告种族主义-简体中文

Reporting Racism: Chinese (Traditional)      報告種族主義-中國傳統

Reporting Racism: Dari      گزارش نژادپرستی – دری

Reporting Racism: Dinka:     Män ë kuɛt kɔc acïn piny Australia

Reporting Racism: Farsi:     گزارش نژاد پرستی – فارسی

Reporting Racism: Gujarati:     રિપોર્ટ જાતિવાદ – ગુજરાતી

Reporting Racism: Hazaragi:     نژادپرستی جایی در آسترالیا جایی ندارد

Reporting Racism: Swahili:     Ripoti Ubaguzi – Kiswahili

Reporting Racism: Turkish:     Rapor Irkçılık – Türkçe

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