Literacy No Barrier

People with low English and literacy levels can access key brochures in Easy English and translations of five priority languages from BeyondHousing.

In conjunction with The Ethnic Council of Shepparton, the documents provide information about housing and how to access services.

BeyondHousing chief executive Celia Adams said 44 per cent of Australian adults (15-65 years old) did not have well-enough developed literacy skills to read a range of different documents.


launch of brochures in many languages by Beyond Housing
launch of brochures in many languages by Beyond Housing

“Having these brochures will help more people understand housing and feel empowered in their housing decisions,” she said. “There are a range of factors that lead to homelessness. This can be made worse if people can’t understand leases, condition reports and essential information about their privacy and rights/responsibilities. They often end up paying more in rent or having a poor rental history.”

Ethnic Council of Shepparton’s manager Chris Hazelman acknowledged that for settling communities, an individual’s English skills could be a barrier to participation on a range of levels.

“This will improve over time. However, it is important that information is available and accessible in first languages which enables people to make informed decisions and be less reliant on others for support and assistance,” he said.

The documents were achieved with the help of a grant from the Sidney Myer Fund.

The brochures are available on the BeyondHousing website and the Shepparton BeyondHousing office, 43 Wyndham St, Shepparton.



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