$450 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Test Isolation Payment

Payment for waiting for test results
The Victorian Government will give a $450 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Test Isolation Payment to every worker who has to wait at home for their test results.

Key points

  • Victorian workers can apply for a $450 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Test Isolation Payment that provides financial support while they self-isolate to wait for the results of a coronavirus (COVID-19) test.
  • Apply now for the $450 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Test Isolation Payment via the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions website.
  • Read the FAQs and guidelines to find out if you are eligible for this payment and how to apply.
  • For support to apply for the payment, you can call 1800 675 398 and select option 8.
  • If you need an interpreter, call TIS National on 131 450.
  • Visit translated resources for this information in languages other than English.

Your questions answered

Am I eligible for the $450 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Test Isolation Payment?

To be eligible for the $450 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Test Isolation Payment, you must:

  • be 17 years and over
  • have been tested for coronavirus (COVID-19) or be the guardian or carer of someone who has been tested
  • live in Victoria
  • be likely to have worked during the self-isolation period and unable to work due to:
    • a requirement to self-isolate after the test
    • a requirement to stay in isolation to care for someone who is required to self-isolate
  • not receive income or salary during self-isolation
  • have exhausted sick and/or carers leave entitlements, including special pandemic leave, or have no entitlement to such leave
  • not be receiving Australian Government income support such as the JobSeeker payment, or be an employee subject to the JobKeeper payment

What evidence or documentation do I need to provide?

To receive a payment, you must have had a coronavirus (COVID-19) test on or after 23 July 2020 and provide:

  • proof of identity (e.g. Victorian driver’s licence, Victorian Seniors Card, Victorian Proof of Age Card or passport)
  • a copy of your Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) documentation (in PNG, JPG or PDF format) if you are visa holder with work rights
  • evidence you are employed (e.g. payslip, letter of employment or letter of offer) or self-employed (e.g. a valid Australian Business Number).

To receive a payment, you must agree to follow Department of Health and Human Services self-isolation guidelines while waiting for your coronavirus (COVID-19) test results.

You will have to repay the money if you do not self-isolate while waiting for your results. You will have to repay the money if you provide false or misleading information in your claim.

Can someone claim the payment on my behalf?

No, only individual applicants may apply. Applications will not be accepted through a third party. If you are 17, you will need to provide consent from a parent or guardian, unless you live independently.

How long will it take to receive the payment?

Payments will be made within five business days to eligible applicants.

Can I get multiple payments if I require multiple tests?

You can only receive one $450 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Test Isolation Payment in a 30-day period unless the Department of Health and Human Services directs you to have a test.

Does my employer have to give me permission to take time off work to self-isolate?

Workers should not go to work if they are unwell and employers should ensure that any worker with symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) gets tested and stays at home.

Employers must support their employees to self-isolate if they are unwell or have been tested for coronavirus (COVID-19). This protects other employees and helps prevent community outbreaks.

Employers can contact Business Victoria for advice and possible staffing support, or referrals to the  Working for Victoria employment scheme.

I’ve tested positive to coronavirus (COVID-19), what other support is available to me?

Victorian workers, including parents and guardians, who are required to self-isolate following a positive coronavirus (COVID-19) test can claim the Australian Government’s $1500 Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment for Victoria.

Can I receive both the $450 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Test Isolation Payment and the $1500 Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment?

Yes, you can receive both payments if you are instructed by the Department of Health and Human Services to self-isolate or quarantine at home because you have been diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID-19) or are a close contact of a confirmed case, and you meet the eligibility requirements for both payments.

I received a payment through the International Student Emergency Relief Fund. Am I also eligible for the $450 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Test Isolation Payment?

Yes, you may be eligible to receive both payments.


$450 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Test Isolation Payment guidelines (Word)

$450 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Test Isolation Payment guidelines (PDF)

Apply Here

Apply here if you work, and you have to wait at home for your test results.


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