Breakfast Covers Regions Diverse Religions

An Interfaith Breakfast: My Work — My Faith event was enjoyed by about 30 people who were interested in learning more about the diverse range of faiths in Greater Shepparton.

The Shepparton Interfaith Network organised the Thursday morning breakfast at the Philippines House. The event was well attended by different business people from organisations including Bega Cheese and Goulburn-Murray Water.

Shepparton Interfaith Network Minister Chris Parnell said the breakfast was arranged with the goal of enabling people to listen to the values in other religions and achieve a greater understanding of them. He said many religions were about local work and people supporting one another and this could be passed on through the community.

The event included several guest speakers who took a closer look at the Buddhist, Christian, Sikh, Hindu and Muslim faiths. Guest speakers included Sam Atukorala, who spoke about Buddhism, Betul Tuna who spoke about Islam, Dhami Singh, who spoke about Sikhism, Dr Frank Purcell, who spoke about Christianity, Chris Parnell, who spoke about Hinduism and Greater Shepparton City councillor Chris Hazelman, who spoke about the importance of recognising the contributions that people from different faiths could make to the community.

Cr Hazelman said Greater Shepparton was a multi-faith community and businesses should not overlook people from different religions when it came to hiring people or they could lose a valuable resource.

Guests at the breakfast were given the opportunity to ask guest speakers questions about their faiths and how co-existed with their daily working lives.


Insight: More than 30 people enjoy a breakfast together while learning about different religions in the region. Picture: Sionnie Kelly

Article and image courtesy Shepparton News



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