New Rules on Wearing of Masks

New Rules on Wearing of Masks

Victorians have been wearing face masks for a while now, but the rules have changed as of today to make the public as safe as possible.

Originally people were asked to use a face mask, scarf, bandana or face shield — but not anymore.

Two weeks ago the Government said only fitted face masks would be allowed. Now, after a grace period, that rule will be enforced by Victoria Police.

What’s changing?

As of today, all Victorians must wear a fitted mask when leaving the house.

This applies to all Victorians no matter where they live.

Bandanas, scarves and face shields alone are no longer acceptable.

You can still wear a shield that covers your forehead and the sides of your face but it must be worn with a mask.

The penalty for not wearing a mask is $200.


bandana - no more.
Wearing of bandana is no longer admitted during coronavirus.

What kind of masks are required and how should they fit?

To provide the best protection, health officials say, a mask must cover your nose and mouth.

It should be “well fitted”. That means it needs to fit snugly over your nose and mouth.

A mask with three layers provides the best protection, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.


New Rules on Wearing of Masks

What are the exceptions to the rules?

You do not have to wear a mask if you have a “lawful excuse” and you do not need to get a medical certificate.

If police question why you are not wearing a mask, you need to provide that excuse.

People with a medical condition that affects their breathing or the skin on their face do not have to wear a mask.

A person does not need to wear a mask when a hearing-impaired person needs to see their mouth to help communicate.

There are other exceptions for occupational health and safety.

Children under 12 and babies are not required to wear masks.

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