Mental Health Youth Ambassador Program

Mental Health Youth Ambassador Program

The Mental Health Foundation Australia (MHFA) is delighted to invite you to join our MHFA Youth Ambassador Program (YAP) in 2021.

Applications for the MHFA Youth Ambassador Program 2021 are open to all members of the community who represent Australia’s diverse youth community and is passionate about better mental health outcomes, increased awareness and reduced stigma around mental health issues in Australia’s youth.


The Mental Health Foundation Australia is seeking to expand its reach among younger Australians as well as to increase awareness of the Foundations’ work in the area of Youth Mental Health among businesses, parliamentarians, government organisations and agencies, universities, TAFE colleges as well as schools and the mental health sector in general.

Alongside the existing role of the prior Youth Advisory Committee in the promotion of events such as the Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference, the Foundation would like to see the Youth Ambassadors Program take a more active role in fundraising and networking.

The Mental Health Foundation Australia would like to see Youth Ambassador Program members building useful networks for the Mental Health Foundation Australia with key players in the area of business, government, education and the general community as well as opening new fundraising opportunities.

The immediate goal for 2021, is to successfully implement our free youth support groups at key universities and TAFE colleges around Australia. The support of student unions at these universities is paramount to achieving this objective. The Foundation is also seeking the support of these student unions in unlocking university funding for these support groups as well as a broader coordination of university-based support services to coincide with the launch of our Wellness Hub initiative which will be a Youth Mental Health hub and drop in centre for youth.


We are looking for individuals:

  • Who are dedicated and able to attend monthly meetings as well as carrying on advocacy work on an ongoing basis;
  • Who are highly connected, immersed or have a deep understanding of the world of business and politics and can network effectively to open opportunities to fundraise and hence, attain funding;
  • Who can effectively market the work of the Youth Ambassador Program on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn;
  • Who can assist in getting the Mental Health Foundation Australia in direct contact with decision makers at a University level;
  • Who will embody our passion and dedication for better youth mental health and who will help emphasise the prestige and honour that is associated with being a member of the Youth Ambassador Program.


Make a difference by joining the program by clicking on the link below:


We invite you to consider and take up this opportunity to become a leader in youth mental health. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone: 03 9826 1422 | email:

We look forward to hearing from you soon and remain hopeful of your positive response.


Mental Health Youth Ambassador Program



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