Friendship Cafe – Coronavirus Vaccine and Masks

Vaccine LogoThe Coronavirus Vaccine will be given out in Shepparton and the Goulburn Valley very soon. A Friendship Cafe (Q and A session) will be held at Lutfiye’s Cafe, Shepparton, on monring of 10 March at 11AM. The Cafe will be led by Susan Johnson, the Covid Consortium coordinator for the Goulburn Valley Hub.

COVID-19 vaccine misinformation

MISINFORMATION: COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous and have had serious adverse effects in recipients overseas.

Fact: This is not true.

MISINFORMATION: More people will die from negative side effects of the vaccine than from COVID-19 itself.

Fact: This is not true.

MISINFORMATION: The Government is using vaccine rollout as a cover to collect/alter your DNA.

FACT: Vaccines are injected into your body, they don’t remove anything from your body and they do not alter your DNA.

MISINFORMATION: The virus mutates so fast that a vaccine will never work.

FACT: All viruses mutate. It’s a normal part of their natural evolution

MISINFORMATION: People who have had COVID-19 and recovered don’t need to get vaccinated.

FACT: The protection someone gains from having COVID-19 varies from person to person.

MISINFORMATION: The COVID-19 vaccine contains software/microchips used for surveillance.

FACT: None of the COVID-19 vaccines contain software or microchips.

MISINFORMATION: Coronavirus is a hoax

FACT: COVID-19 is caused by a coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), which is part of a large family of viruses that can lead to respiratory infections in both humans and animals.

MISINFORMATION: Masks are ineffective and/or unsafe.

FACT: Masks, when used with other precautions such as good hygiene, physical distancing, and staying home and getting tested when unwell, help to slow the spread of COVID-19.

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Friendship Cafe - Coronavirus Vaccine and Masks




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