They Cannot Take the Sky Workshops

Road to Refuge logoRoad to Refuge – which promoted the They Cannot Take the Sky art exhibition in Shepparton Library, is conducting a series of story telling and screenwriting workshops in Shepparton and Bendigo during March and April 2021.

In conjunction with the regional exhibition of They Cannot Take The Sky, we’re running a series of screenwriting and storytelling workshops in Bendigo and Shepparton.


You are invited to bring an object from home which is significant to you in some way. Some examples include a piece of jewellery, an old letter, a piece of text, poem or textile. During this workshop you will plan and produce a collaborative picture and poem in relation to this project.
Workshops will go for a duration of two hours and take place in English. however you are welcome to produce in any language you would like your story to be presented.
The workshop outcomes include:

  • Introduction, short presentation (20min)
  • Basic intro on photography/how to use the camera, studio lights
  • Basic intro to poetry making/methods
  • Making poetry and photography (1hr)
  • Debrief


Got a story to tell? Tell it with pictures and learn the fundamentals of writing for digital media. This short course is an introduction to screenwriting with a focus on concept creation, scene construction, character and dialogue.
You will get to practice the important first steps in creating works for screen and learn how to apply the skills to your very own stories for screen projects.

The course is delivered by John Kachoyan an award-winning Armenian Australian director, writer and script developer who works internationally in theatre, TV and film.


Storytelling Workshop in Shepparton, March 27 — 10:00AM to 12:00PM AEDT
@ Shepparton Library
Applications close 22 March

Storytelling Workshop in Bendigo, March 28 — 10:00AM to 12:00PM AEDT
@ Cultural Exchange
Applications close 22 March

Screenwriting Workshop in Shepparton, April 17 — 12:00PM to 4:00PM AEST
@ Shepparton Library
Applications close 12 April

Submit your interest here:


They Cannot Take the Sky Workshops
They Cannot Take the Sky Workshops


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