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IPC Health is one of the largest providers of community health service in Victoria. Our purpose is to improve quality of life for the people and communities we serve by maximising access to health and wellbeing services. Our mission is to deliver innovative high quality services that are client centred, collaborative, coordinated and demonstrate value through measured impact.

Individuals through a single point of contact can connect to a full spectrum of care and support using consistent approaches including those of our partners. We are looking for BiCultural Inclusion Workers: Iraqi, South Sudanese and Vietnamese.

IPC Health operates from six sites in Melbourne’s West and we employ around 450 staff. We are committed to working with the rapidly growing areas of Melbourne’s middle and outer West, where population will grow by 400,000 in the coming 15 years. By year 2035, we anticipate that the total population served will be approximately 1.2 million.
BiCultural Inclusion Worker
As a part of The Rapid Response Team’s initiative by the Department of Health (DH) to prevent, respond to and limit outbreaks of coronavirus,  DH’s partner – IPC Health, is currently recruiting Bicultural Inclusion Worker.

Iraqi x 1
Vietnamese x 1
South Sudanese x 1

Within this role, the bicultural workers will be key in enhancing the provision of community services to clients from CALD communities who present for COVID testing at the RRT sites and contribute to the success of the C-19 Vaccine roll out by promoting the benefits of the vaccination by building trust and confidence with the communities.

Position Objective

  • To enhance the provision of community services to those clients from CALD communities who present for COVID testing at the Rapid Response Testing sites.
  • Collaborate with clients from CALD communities in a culturally appropriate manner using cultural knowledge and/or lived experience to facilitate effective communication and understanding of clients and stakeholders’ needs and interests.

Download the Position Description

For more information, to apply, Please reach out to Patricia Anthony at patricia.anthony@ipchealth.com.au

or Kalyani Uppuluri at Kalyani.uppuluri@ipchealth.com.au




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