Are You an Engineer?

Engineers AustraliaEngineers Australia has commissioned research to understand the employment experiences of overseas-born engineers in Australia. A survey is available to assist overseas born Engineers move past challenges in obtaining employment.

Engineers Australia is the designated authority for assessing skills and competencies related to engineering occupations in Australia. We work with the Department of Home Affairs, migration agents and international organisations to develop streamlined migration skills assessment procedures for engineers.

Through data and research, we understand that finding employment takes longer for overseas-born engineers in Australia, the unemployment level is higher and skilled refugees tend to be placed in roles that don’t match their level of experience as many do not have their overseas qualifications recognised. Engineering Australia want to learn more about the refugee experience so they can work towards finding solutions.
We are looking for overseas-born engineers to have their say in a short online survey and help develop solutions that reduce the barriers to employment for overseas-born engineers. It’ll take around five minutes, and participants go in the running to receive one of five available $100 gift cards*.  


Be quick – entries close 5 pm on Sunday 6 June 2021.




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