Highlighting what unifies the Refugee Team heading to Tokyo

Olympic FlagThe International Olympic Committee has released a video illustrating what unites the Refugee Olympic Team!

  • Each Olympics, refugee athletes from all corners of the globe come together to compete at the games as a unified team.
  • On Tuesday, the International Olympic Committee released a video celebrating the athletes who will compete on the Refugee Olympic Team at this summer’s Tokyo Olympics.
  • Narrated by Syrian refugee swimmer Yusra Mardini, the minute-long video depicts how the athletes on the refugee team are united by their choice “to keep our dreams alive.”
  • “We carry [our dreams] with us across oceans and deserts and cities,” Mardini says. “We brought them together to form a team greater than ourselves: one that defies borders and limits.”
  • Check out the full IOC video below:


The starting line doesn’t care who we are. Yusra Mardini reminds us that each refugee Olympic athlete has a different story. Each carried their dreams across oceans, deserts and cities to form a team that defies borders and belongs to everyone. #StrongerTogether #Tokyo2020 #Olympics.

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