Rapid immunity test

Rapid immunity test

A new finger prick test is being developed to measure immunity to COVID-19 and indicate the need for a booster shot.

In less than 20 minutes, the COVID-19 NAb-Test shows the level of immunity present in individuals by accurately measuring the level of neutralising antibodies to COVID-19.

The new technology, being developed by the Burnet Institute and Doherty Institute with funding from the Victorian Government, will also be able to predict a person’s immunity to new and emerging variants of COVID-19.

Neutralising antibodies are a key measure of immunity to COVID-19 and are part of the body’s natural immune response that is triggered by either prior infection or vaccination against the virus.

The test has taken less than 12 months to get to the prototype stage.

“This work is testament to the world-class research skills and expertise we have in Victoria and will give us better understanding of the coronavirus and help in our fight against it,” Medical Research and Digital Economy Minister Jaala Pulford said.


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