SSI Allianz Refugee Scholarships

SSI Allianz Refugee Scholarships

The SSI Allianz scholarships directly support people from refugee backgrounds in NSW, QLD & VIC to achieve independence. The scholarships have been created to minimise the financial barriers experienced by refugees as they participate in the NSW, QLD & VIC education system.

SSI, with the generous support of Allianz, continues to achieve its vision of a society that values diversity of its people, actively provides support to ensure meaningful social and economic participation, and assists individuals and families to reach their potential.

Scholarships for the 2022 academic year are open.

Key dates

Scholarships open 

Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Scholarships close

5pm Friday, 29 October 2021

Notification of application outcome for the following categories: Secondary, Vocational Education & Training, Skills & Qualification Recognition

End-December 2021 / January 2022
Notification of application outcome for the University category

late-January / February 2022

Successful Secondary, Vocational Education & Training, Skills & Qualification Recognition receive funding

late-January 2022

Successful University applicants receive funding

February / March 2022 (confirmation of enrolment must be received)

Scholarship Afternoon Tea

April 2022

Eligibility criteria

To be successful in their application for support, applicants must:

  • Be from a refugee background on a humanitarian visa. Visa Subclass 200, 201, 202, 203 and 204, 117, 866, 842. Applicants on a SHEV 790 or TPV 785 will be considered on a case by case basis
  • have been living in Australia for five years or less.
  • reside and study in NSW, QLD or VIC.
  • meet eligibility criteria specific to each scholarship category (see application forms for more details).

Please check the individual category for any additional criteria. 

Application forms

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

For more information, please contact our Scholarships team at 

Alternatives to SSI Allianz scholarship

We have prepared a document to help you find alternatives to SSI Allianz Refugee Scholarships and make your transition through education smoother. It includes resources such as:

  • State and nationwide universities that offer scholarships focusing on humanitarian entrants
  • TAFE’s Smart & Skilled program offered to humanitarian entrants
  • Charities and foundations that support education through various programs
  • Technology and stationery providers at affordable prices

Download: pdfAlternatives to SSI Allianz Scholarships (PDF 623.14 KB)

Responding to challenges faced by refugees

Persecution, war, political instability and displacement are all factors that lead individuals and families to leave their homes to seek permanent protection elsewhere, including Australia. Refugees who come to Australia face many challenges during settlement, such as financial hardship, dealing with experiences of torture and trauma, and family separation.

Yet Australia is a nation built on immigration. We have a long history of providing safe asylum to refugees, many of whom have gone on to make great civil, social and economic contributions to Australian society.

SSI and Allianz aim to continue that tradition by providing targeted scholarships to those who are most in need and willing to overcome social and economic challenges.

In response to the various needs of refugee communities, SSI and Allianz offer scholarships to individuals across a range of education categories, including secondary, vocational education and training, university, and skills qualification and recognitio


SSI Allianz Refugee Scholarships


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