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COVID-19 Pfizer and Moderna third doses are now available to anyone aged 18 and over. If you had your second dose 4 months ago or earlier, you are due for your third now.

You need your third dose to keep up your immunity against COVID-19.

You can get a Pfizer or Moderna third dose regardless of which COVID-19 vaccine you received for your initial doses.

AstraZeneca can be used as a third dose if you:

  • received AstraZeneca for your first two doses, and there are no contraindications or precautions for use   
  • had a significant adverse reaction to a previous mRNA vaccine dose (for example, Pfizer or Moderna) that means you cannot have another dose of an mRNA vaccine.

If you’re not sure which vaccine you’re eligible for, talk to your GP.

Use the guide below to work out when you are due.

If you received your second dose in: Have your third dose in:
August or earlier December
September January
October February
November March
December April

Your third dose will also appear on your Australian Immunisation Record.

You can get a third dose if you have completed an initial vaccination course overseas with a COVID-19 vaccine recognised by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Third doses are different from third primary doses, which are given to people with severe immunocompromise 2-6 months after their second primary dose.


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