Victorian Transcultural Mental Health

Victorian Transcultural Mental HealthVictorian Transcultural Mental Health supports others by mentoring, providing advice, connecting people to networks, and offering learning opportunities – this makes it easier for people and organisations to understand the issues, find solutions and make changes on their own.

To communicate a little more about who we are, what we do, and how we collaborate with organisations on cultural diversity, equity and inclusion within the mental health landscape, we recently created five short videos about our work.

You can watch the videos by clicking the link above, the boxes below or HERE.

The videos feature independent consultants, advocates and representatives from some of the organisations we’ve worked with – including Goulburn Valley Health, Latrobe University, Micare, the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria, Alfred Mental and Addiction Health, Orygen, and the Centre for Mental Health Learning.

They aim to show how cultural diversity, cultural responsiveness, cultural safety and inclusivity, intersectionality and lived experience are at the forefront of all the work we do and – through our partners’ voices – how VTMH works to collaborate, support, equip and advocate for them and those they support.

As part of the public mental health service system, VTMH works with government, service providers, networks, peak bodies and communities. Our commitment is to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion values – the notion that no one is left behind – are embedded in how mental healthcare is provided right across Victoria.

Our collaborations are designed to respond to the particular issues that matter to our partners. And because they are built on responsiveness to an organisation’s particular needs, we believe there’s no better way to communicate this than through the perspectives and reflections of some of those partners. We are so grateful for their collaboration.

VTMH’s work is built on trusting, honest partnerships in which we truly value the creative power that comes with working together. We believe these videos are testament to that and hope you do too.


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