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Goulburn Valley Grammar SchoolGoulburn Valley Grammar School announces its Refugee Scholarship for entry to the school in Year 7, for 2023. A Scholarship application form is given, there is an Open Day at the School on March 11, 2022, and Ethnic Council has offered to give assistance in preparation of scholarship applications to all who need help.

Goulburn Valley Grammar School Refugee Scholarship

These Scholarships cover all compulsory school fees for Years 7 to 12. This includes Tuition Fee, Capital Charge and Fixed Charge. The fees cover the cost of year level camps, computer and technology provisions, sporting facilities and equipment, the school diary and school magazine.

Parents are expected to pay for textbooks, school uniform, travel expenses and other optional items not covered by fees. Books and uniform would be comparable with other local schools and together would cost approximately $1700.00. Extra assistance will be provided if required. The uniform should last for a few years before replacements are required.

An application form for the scholarship is attached and they can also be downloaded from the school website. The closing date for the scholarship is Friday 1st April 2022 and applications need to be at Goulburn Valley Grammar School by that date.

On Friday 11th March the school is holding its Open Day and interested families may wish to visit on that day to learn more about the school. Open Day starts at 11.00 am and concludes at 2.00 pm. The last Student Lead Tour departs Founders Hall at 12.30pm.

The Ethnic Council has offered to help in the preparation of applications. Please also contact the school if you would like any further information. The Registrar Mrs Lisa Bolton can be contacted on 5833 3300 or at … for help at the Ethnic Council, please Phone:03 5831 2395

Download the Refugee Scholarship form


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