Our Climate Safe Future

Our Climate Safe FutureClimate Change presents many problems – for all people – everywhere. Soon, there will be climate refugees. Soon, some islands in the Pacific Ocean will go under water because of climate change. What to do? Here, the City of Greater Shepparton asks you to contribute and guide Council in its response and creation of a climate safe future for all, including those who come after us, the children yet to be born. We strongly recommend your participation.

The impacts of climate change are already being felt by the Greater Shepparton community. Since the year 2000, we have experienced the millennial drought followed by a series of floods, tornadoes in 2010, 2015 and 2019, severe storms, the hottest 10 years in recorded history and the health impacts from the most devastating bushfires in recorded history.

We are now in our second consecutive La Nina summer. 2020, despite the presence of La Nina, was the second hottest year on record. What we know is that we can no longer rely on the relatively stable climate of the past.

The science has been telling us we can expect far worse without driving down the causes of climate change – primarily the burning of fossil fuels. In 2000, a range of emission scenarios were developed to provide advice on what the temperature increase would be expected under each scenario. We now have information that gives us a reliable indication of the temperature increases we will experience under different levels of action.


Our Climate Safe Future


Our Climate Safe Future


What is the climate emergency?

Science is telling us we have a small window of opportunity to act immediately to reduce our emissions and prevent the most catastrophic impacts of climate change.

It is for this reason that the community, and our youth, called on council for greater recognition of the need to act urgently to address the climate crisis. In response, Greater Shepparton City Council declared a Climate Emergency and adopted a 2030 net zero emission target on 20 March 2020.

Our Climate Safe Future – Greater Shepparton’s Climate Emergency Action Plan is a critical step in acting on this declaration, and taking urgent and immediate action to support the community in taking the necessary steps to adapt to climate change and aim for a 2030 net zero emissions target.

What action can we take?

Climate change action takes the form of two main activities:

  • mitigation – reducing emissions; and
  • adaptation – changing the way we do things because of the changing climate.

What is the Our Climate Safe Future Action Plan?

The draft Our Climate Safe Future Action Plan is underpinned by a strong partnership approach between the community and Council and supported by science-based evidence. It has been developed with the input of a number of local businesses, agricultural growers and community groups who shared what they were doing to reduce their emissions and adapting to the changing climate and what role they see council has in helping them to do more.

From this, four strategic priority were identified with 76 actions that council can undertake to support the community.

This partnership approach will be central over the next 8 crucial years to ensure we all work together to guide community and Council action and meet our goals. Council will support the community’s response to the Climate Emergency through the actions in this Action Plan.

The community will also play a vital role in successfully achieving the outlined actions in this plan, so your participation will ensure the actions are achievable, relevant and effective.

Where can I learn more?

For more information on Climate Emergency in Greater Shepparton and what Council has done today, visit the Council website at the link below:
Greater Shepparton City Council’s Climate Emergency web page

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Our Climate Safe Future

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