GV Health: High Demand at Emergency

GV Health reports that Emergency is experiencing high demand. A list of alternative health sources is given.

GV Health’s emergency department is continuing to experience extremely high demand, resulting in lengthy wait times for patients with non-urgent matters. This situation is expected to continue into the coming days. We ask that community members only come to the Emergency Department for conditions that are urgent or life-threatening.

If you are unable to access a GP, there are a number of alternative services available. We have put together a handy printable guide, listing a variety of services for health support, advice and consults. Many of these services are available 24/7. The guide is available at https://bit.ly/3OyEOhr

Our staff are working hard to attend to all patients as quickly as possible, prioritising life-threatening emergencies. Many of our staff are working overtime and additional shifts to ensure essential services continue to be provided.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.


alternative health services
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