Trauma Help Video – Personal Deprivation

Vic Gov - DFFH logoThe Emergency Management team wish to promote the Trauma Psychology video series with social messages from the video to align with the anniversary of the October floods. Here, advice is given on dealing with personal deprivation.

Have you ever downplayed your pain, struggle, or trauma because someone else has had it worse?

Yes? You’re not alone.

The name for this is relative deprivation – and it’s a common and unhelpful way to benchmark personal experience.

In our this episode of our exclusive video series, Trauma Psychologists, Rob Gordon and David Younger, lend their expertise to guide you through the challenges that arise during the healing process after a disaster.

Join us to learn what to expect and discover effective coping strategies that will empower you and your community to come back stronger.



There are 8 videos in total, in this playlist. You can see all of them here



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