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Conserve waterGoulburn Valley Water has been experiencing plant issues at the Shepparton Water Treatment Plant. The water supplied by Goulburn Valley Water is safe to drink.
Please conserve water to help us manage demand while the plant issue is resolved. This affects customers in Shepparton, Kialla, Congupna, Mooroopna, Tallygaroopna, Orrvale, Ardmona and Toolamba.


Our operators have resolved the issues at the Shepparton Water Treatment Plant, and the treatment process is running. Water continues to be safe to drink.

Our water storages remain low, so to help us recover we are asking residential customers to continue to be mindful of their water use. We will update you once these have recovered – thank you for your support, we appreciate your efforts.

You may notice a different taste to your water at the moment – this is due to very high levels of sedimentation and colour in the raw water from the Goulburn River. This means we change the treatment process, which may result in slight changes to how the water tastes. These high levels make it more difficult to remove all the colour/organic matter.

As the water quality in the Goulburn River improves, the treatment levels will return to normal, and so will the taste. Putting water in bottles in the fridge with lids open for a couple of hours can help with changes in taste.

If you notice any other issues with your water supply, please contact us 24/7 on 1800 454 500.


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