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VREOHRC LogoThe Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission launched a new website, accompanied by a refreshed organisational brand.

The new website is the culmination of months of work undertaken in close consultation with the community to explore ways to improve Victorians’ knowledge about human rights and equality and use of the Commission’s services.

While this work started before the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, it took on greater importance as the Victorian Human Rights Commission saw digital platforms become the primary means of communication and service.

There was also a growing need from the Victorian community for information and support – particularly from those experiencing increased racism.   

Information on the website is now clearly signposted for three key audiences – individuals, organisations, and those in the public sector. Focus has been given toward making it as easy as possible for community members to use our services and report incidences of discrimination.

There is more content relevant to people working in the policy and legal sectors, with easy-to-use databases of our policy submissions and legal interventions. The website address is now shortened to the more easily remembered


Human Rights Victoria

In the course of designing the new website, the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission has introduced a new brand, consisting of a fresh new colour scheme and logo.   

The new logo consists of two components: the ’arch’ and the ’earth’. The arch can be read as a shield, reflecting the Commission’s role as a protector of human rights and equal opportunity, with its three lines representing the three laws the Commission has responsibilities under: the Equal Opportunity Act, the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities, and the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act.

The earth can be read as a platform, reflecting the Commission’s role as a supportive foundation for all Victorians to stand on.

The logo draws the eye to its centre, between the arch and the earth, which is where all Victorians stand, both elevated and protected.   

At the heart of all these changes is the commitment to help more Victorians understand their rights and feel empowered to take action when they need to.

The website is a way of seeking help and information but also of sharing stories, research and experience.

The most resilient communities are those founded on equality, fairness, respect and understanding. We need this more than ever.  


services given by the human rights commission of Victoria
services given by the human rights commission of Victoria



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