Experiences of migrant and refugee women sought for advocacy and support

survey of migrant womenIn partnership with the Harmony Alliance, the Monash Migration and Inclusion Centre is conducting the ‘Migrant and Refugee Women in Australia Survey’. This is a national survey to increase understandings of the issues of importance to women from migrant and refugee backgrounds, with a focus on safety and well-being. Findings from the survey will inform advocacy for migrant and refugee women from their own views and experiences.

Women in Australia from a migrant or refugee background are being sought for a nationwide survey into their experiences to inform advocacy and shape reform.

In partnership with Harmony Alliance, Monash University’s Migration and Inclusion Centre (MMIC) has released a survey today that aims to increase understanding of issues important to women from migrant and refugee backgrounds.

The survey will focus on safety and wellbeing, and responses will inform advocacy for migrant and refugee women based on their own views and experiences.

It will be offered in nine languages – Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Farsi, Nepali, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Punjabi and English – and is open to all who identify as a migrant or refugee woman living in Australia over the age of 18 years old.

The survey is anonymous and will take about 20 minutes to complete and is accessible via a QR code on Harmony Alliance and MMIC‘s Twitter pages or at this link.

MMIC Deputy Director Associate Professor Marie Segrave urged as many women as possible to take part.

“This is such an important opportunity for you to tell us, to tell policymakers and governments, welfare organisations, charities and the rest of Australia about you and your experiences,” she said.

“This will help lead the national agenda and improve outcomes for migrant and refugee women in Australia.”

Chair of Harmony Alliance, Maria Dimopolous AM, said: “We know that migrant and refugee women’s situations are unique in view of their migration and settlement experiences. This survey will bridge significant data and knowledge gaps about the equity of access, experiences and outcomes for migrant and refugee women in all their diversity.

“Importantly, this survey is about what matters to us and how we can collectively inform and shape advocacy for positive change.”

Findings from the survey will be collated and published in a report later this year.

Here is the link to do the survey: https://monash.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0vm6sG5rHErNXQ9


survey of migrant women


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