Multiculturalism: Kim O’Keefe Speaks

Kim O'Keefe

Greater Shepparton Candidate Kim O’Keefe gives a statement on the meaning of multiculturalism and the services required.

Greater Shepparton Council Elections
All candidates were asked to respond to these questions.

  • What does multiculturalism mean to Shepparton?
  • What specific services should Council provide to support these communities?

Responses in ballot paper order are given herewith without comment.

Kim O’Keeffe

What does multiculturalism mean to Shepparton?

I am very proud that we are known across the country on how well we embrace Multiculturalism in our region. We embrace and celebrate the rich diversity of our community. This means a lot to people who call Greater Shepparton their home and we must continue to work together to continually improve social inclusion and to have a united community that is respectful of each other’s differences.

The council has many community events which proudly celebrate the many diverse cultures. Converge on the Goulburn is a great success bringing together food, culture, performances and the broader community. This is one of many ways we celebrate our multicultural community.

What specific services should council provide to support these communities?

  • Council should ensure equal opportunities as well as support with language and communication barriers.
  • This should be promoted through the website and other channels of communication.
  • We should also be working with the different nationalities to see what support they need and what council can do to assist.


Mooving Art
Mooving Art – a great feature of Greater Shepparton


Source: Candidate’s statements supplied to Ethnic Council of Shepparton and District.


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