Multiculturalism: Sam Spinks Speaks

Sam Spinks

Greater Shepparton Candidate Sam Spinks gives a statement on the meaning of multiculturalism and the services required.

Greater Shepparton Council Elections
All candidates were asked to respond to these questions.

  • What does multiculturalism mean to Shepparton?
  • What specific services should Council provide to support these communities?

Responses in ballot paper order are given herewith without comment.

Sam Spinks

What does multiculturalism mean to Shepparton?

Our embrace of cultural diversity allows us to thrive in arts, food, events, economy, empathy and compassion, among so many other things. Diversity creates resilience and innovation.

We need to continue to create space and opportunity for the vast array of skills, experience, and knowledge of our multicultural communities to flourish and to teach. And we need to recognise that multicultural is an umbrella term, and each of the people beneath it have individual needs, challenges and purpose.

What specific services should council provide to support these communities?

There is much work to be done in creating a region that is accessible and inclusive for our multicultural communities.

Most importantly we must create a region that embraces and empowers our multicultural communities, to feel safe and supported, with opportunities to thrive.

We can do more to ensure multicultural voices are heard and represented, to make sure information and services are provided in language, to celebrate our diverse cultures in ways that are culturally appropriate, and to support the often complex and competing needs that are present.


Mooving Art
Mooving Art – a great feature of Greater Shepparton


Source: Candidate’s statements supplied to Ethnic Council of Shepparton and District.


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