Multiculturalism: Ben Ladson Speaks

Ben Ladson

Greater Shepparton Candidate Ben Ladson gives a statement on the meaning of multiculturalism and the services required.

Greater Shepparton Council Elections
All candidates were asked to respond to these questions.

  • What does multiculturalism mean to Shepparton?
  • What specific services should Council provide to support these communities?

Responses in ballot paper order are given herewith without comment.

Ben Ladson

What does multiculturalism mean to Shepparton?

Multiculturalism has been an integral part of the history of Greater Shepparton, and continues to be a strength of our community. I believe one of Greater Shepparton’s best strengths is how inclusive our community is, which is shown with the strong migrant statistics choosing Greater Shepparton as their home.

What specific services should council provide to support these communities?

Without having a thorough and detailed list of services that Council already provide, it would be folly of me to suggest things that are already being delivered. I am all for cost effective services that encourage inclusiveness.


Mooving Art
Mooving Art – a great feature of Greater Shepparton


Source: Candidate’s statements supplied to Ethnic Council of Shepparton and District.


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