Multiculturalism: Steve Neff Speaks

Steve Neff

Greater Shepparton Candidate Steve Neff gives a statement on the meaning of multiculturalism and the services required.

Greater Shepparton Council Elections
All candidates were asked to respond to these questions.

  • What does multiculturalism mean to Shepparton?
  • What specific services should Council provide to support these communities?

Responses in ballot paper order are given herewith without comment.

Steve Neff

What does multiculturalism mean to Shepparton?

Shepparton, through its proud history, was built on multiculturalism. Shepparton has always been welcoming, embracing, accepting of others and acknowledges the contribution and the participation that Multiculturalism has had in the growth for Shepparton to be recognised as the greatest multicultural municipality.

Shepparton continues to embrace, equality develop, and support inclusiveness for all you by better understanding the proud diversity of our community. By promoting equality, we practice unity, respecting the value of others which ensures community harmony, safety and respecting the contribution, participation of all.

Steve Neff is proud to call himself a Shepparton Community Member.

What specific services should council provide to support these communities?

  • Council to continue updating its current Strategic Community strategy due to being a living document and the increase in population growth.
  • Training opportunities for community members from, Multicultural backgrounds in conjunction with other service providers.
  • Employment opportunities with the City of Greater Shepparton for community members from multicultural backgrounds who have the skill set required for the positions?
  • Council to support Mental Health services for those from multicultural backgrounds is there an opportunity to utilize community members to interpret and is support readily available and accessible?
  • Council to allocate adequate funding and resources in the future to cater for the population growth of our multicultural community


Mooving Art
Mooving Art – a great feature of Greater Shepparton


Source: Candidate’s statements supplied to Ethnic Council of Shepparton and District.


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