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In this webinar, young people from the ‘Reimagining Young People’s Futures’ Youth Steering Group will share their experiences and insights. The conversation will highlight to policymakers how a range of issues impact the lives of young people and their ability to be active members of society.

Young people are eager to be part of the solution to create a better future in the wake of the increasing challenges  they face as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.   

Register to be part of our online webinar, Reimagining Young People’s Futures: including young voices in policy solutions on Wednesday 31 March 2021, from 10am to 11.30am.

Who are the ‘Reimagining Young People’s Futures’ Youth Steering Group? 

The ‘Reimagining Young People’s Futures’ (RYPF) Youth Steering Group is an initiative facilitated by VicHealth that aims to raise the voices of young Victorians, to ensure their views are included in developing solutions to key health and wellbeing issues.  This is especially important as we all aim to build back better following the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The group is made up of diverse young people that come from different walks of life: 

  • Andrew Leap (18 years) is a recent VCE graduate studying Commerce and Global Studies at Monash University. He has been involved in many projects advocating for young people – several of which have been speaking to or working with policymakers in important areas such as education and health.  
  • Claire O’Brien (24 years) is currently studying a Bachelor of International Public Health through UNSW, and is involved with various organisations including the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA), YacVIC and YWCA.  She is passionate about addressing health disparities and promoting mental wellbeing. 
  • Alex Tyndall (20 years) currently studies a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama) degree at Deakin University. He volunteers his time to many organisations, including the YMCA and St Martins Youth Arts Centre, and advocates for equality and youth rights throughout his pursuits. 
  • Lyndal Easdown (19 years) is in their second year of studying Social Science Psychology at RMIT University. They are an engaged artist and writer with an interest in youth work, and are a member of their local council’s Youth Wellbeing Advocacy board, as well as VicHealth’s Youth Expert Advisory board. 
  • Reana Cazar (23 years) is a Senior Associate at YLab Global, the social enterprise consultancy of the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) and is completing her final year as a pre-service Secondary teacher at ACU. A proud second-generation migrant from Melbourne’s West, Reana is passionate about putting people at the centre of complex challenges to design the future. 
  • Jack Smith (20 years) is currently studying a Bachelors of Applied Science/Masters of Occupational Therapy at Latrobe University. Jack has been involved in the youth mental health and advocacy space as he is a member of the Orygen Youth Action Council and was a volunteer on the 2020 Youth Parliament program. Jack is also a member of the 2021 Victorian youth congress and was recently elected the Bendigo Youth Mayor. 

Meet our event speakers: 

  • Dr Megan Lim, the Deputy Program Director (Behaviours and Health Risks) at the Burney Institute 

Her primary area of expertise is investigating the role of new communications technologies in public health. She has conducted extensive research into how these technologies (e.g. mobile phones, smartphone apps, and social networking sites) can be used for health promotion, as well as how these media can expose young people to health risks. 

  • Dr Stephen Carbone, the Executive Director of Prevention United

Stephen has extensive clinical experience in mental health having worked as a general practitioner with an interest in mental health and as a medical officer in Victoria’s specialist mental health services. Stephen also has considerable experience in mental health policy, program and service development, and program evaluation through his roles in the Department of Health and Human Services Mental Health Branch, Orygen Youth Health, headspace, VicHealth and Beyond Blue. 

In this webinar, young people from ‘Reimagining Young People’s Futures’ Youth Steering Group will share their experiences and insight to show policymakers how all a range of issues impact the lives of young people and their ability to be productive members of society. You’ll also hear from Dr Michelle Lim and Dr Stephen Carbone about the Coping with COVID survey and what can be done to support young people as we recover from the pandemic. 

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch regarding our event, please email 

Event Details:

Host: VicHealth
Program: Reimagining Young People’s Futures: including young voices in policy solution
Date: Wednesday 31 Mar 2021
Time: 10am-11.30am
Cost: Free
Register: online, here

RSVP: by Wednesday 31 Mar 2021


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