Secure Work Pilot Scheme

Secure Work Pilot Scheme

The Victorian Government is currently consulting with industry, workers and unions on the Secure Work Pilot Scheme . Public consultation on the design of this important Pilot is being invited.

The fully funded Victorian Government Pilot will explore how economic security can be improved for Victorians working in casual or insecure jobs by providing access to sick or carer’s pay. Information from this initial consultation will help determine what industries and occupations are included in the Pilot, and how it will operate.

The Pilot will start by early 2022, with eligible workers able to claim up to five days of sick or carer’s pay annually at the national minimum wage. Information from the two-year Pilot will help inform consideration of a longer-term Secure Work program.

Too often, too many Victorian workers are being forced to choose between a day’s pay and their health. Victorian workers who do not currently have access to paid sick or carer’s leave face this difficult choice every day. This has never been more evident than during the global pandemic.

The Victorian Government wants to understand the social and economic impact of casual and other insecure workers being able to access additional pay when they are sick or caring for others.

We want to hear about the choices and sacrifices you’ve had to make by going into work – whether it’s leaving behind a loved one that needed your care or going into work sick and risking the health of your co-workers.

Every voice counts – from business, to unions, to workers – you can share your story of insecure work now.

Key Pilot features

  • The Pilot will operate from late 2021 or the first half of 2022 for two years.
  • Specific occupations in targeted industries will be invited to participate in the Pilot Scheme.
  • The Pilot will operate in two phases with different occupations included in each phase.
  • The Pilot will provide up to five days (total) of sick and carer’s pay per calendar year. A “day” is defined as 7.5 hours within a 24-hour period.
  • Payments will be made at the national minimum wage ($20.33 per hour, as at 1 July 2021).

You are invited to respond and give your comments:


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