The School that Tried to End Racism

ABC Television Racism is a combination of attitudes, beliefs and behaviours; such as: believing your race is superior to another race and / or offensive or aggressive behaviour towards someone due to their race, language, or culture. All Together Now partnered with the ABC to produce a television program in a local school and to identify racial bias and make positive change. This is ground-breaking work and very important.

What is Multiculturalism? How is it linked to Racism?

Generally, multiculturalism means people from many cultures living or working together within an atmosphere of mutual respect.

The opposite of this is assimilation, where people from a dominant culture expect newcomers to live or work with them in exactly the same way.

What is racial discrimination? Is it different to Racism?

Racial discrimination is an extension of racist thoughts or feelings. It is discrimination (i.e. a behaviour or practice) based on a person’s skin colour, cultural heritage or nationality which stops the victim from participating fully in public life.

Racism in Australian Schools

Every day, one in five school students in Australia experience racism.

School is the predominant location for racism to occur among children, with the majority of perpetrators being other students (Centre for Multicultural Youth 2014.) The most common form is students telling other students they don’t belong, manifesting through being called names / teased, being left out, or being spat on, pushed or hit.

Racial discrimination in schools could impact learning, development, and achievement, reinstating the need for a renewed focus on systems and policies that perpetuate racism in institutions like schools now more than ever.

The School That Tried to End Racism

Hosted by Walkley award-winning journalist, Marc Fennell, The School That Tried to End Racism, explores a ground-breaking pilot program designed to provide school children with the tools to identify racial bias and make positive change. The documentary premieres on ABC TV and ABC iview



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