False Information – Be Aware

False Information - Be AwareNot all information you find online is true. The internet is great, but it can also be used to spread misleading news and content. Protect yourself and your friends from false information about coronavirus, vaccines and more. Use the SHARE checklist to help you spot false information to make sure you don’t contribute to the spread of harmful content.

The impact of false information

When shared, false information can take on a life of its own and have some serious consequences. It can lead to health scares, false accusations and potentially damaging hoax stories. Recently there has been a lot of this kind of false information about coronavirus and the new vaccines that protect us from the virus. It’s not always easy to spot, so use the SHARE checklist to make sure that you are not contributing to the spread of harmful content.

Use the SHARE checklist

Before you like, comment or share content online, use the SHARE checklist to make sure you’re not contributing to the spread of harmful content.

Source: Rely on official sources for medical and safety information. Check the facts about vaccinations and coronavirus from the World Health Organisation and your national and local public health authorities.

Headline: Headlines don’t always tell the full story. Always read to the end before you share articles about coronavirus, including those about vaccines.

Analyse: Analyse the facts. If something sounds unbelievable, it very well might be. Independent fact-checking services are correcting false information about coronavirus and vaccines every day.

Retouched: Watch out for misleading pictures and videos in stories about coronavirus vaccines. They might be edited, or show an unrelated place or event. Check to see who else is using the photo.

Error: Look out for mistakes. Typos and other errors might mean the information is false. Official guidance about coronavirus will always have been carefully checked.


False Information - Be aware

Be careful what you share. Things aren’t always what they seem online.

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