Submissions to National Anti-Racism Framework now open

Australian Human Rights Commission

The Australian Human Rights Commission is calling for submissions for a National Anti-Racism Framework. Submissions are open now until 21 December. The Commission wants to know – from you – where the responsibility for a National Anti-Racism Framework should sit, and how we can best achieve our goal of an Australia that is free from racism.

The Commission invites you to make a submission to share your vision of a future where all Australians are treated equally, and with dignity and respect.

The Commission will analyse submissions and consider all the feedback it receives as we develop a Conversation and Consultation Report and a revised Framework Concept Paper.

From 21 October to 15 December 2021, the Australian Human Rights Commission is inviting submissions from everyone, including people who have had experiences of racism. The following questions are proposed to guide submissions:

  • What are the issues/areas on which the Framework can best provide guidance?
  • Are there best practice stories of anti-racism, social inclusion, social cohesion, and diversity and inclusion initiatives to share?
  • How can we embed evaluation and accountability measures within the Framework?
  • What principles should guide the Framework?
  • What outcomes and strategies are necessary for the Framework to create change?
  • What is your vision for a more inclusive, equal and harmonious future in Australia?

Making a submission

You can make a submission by going to the Commission’s website to have your
say. You can choose to:

Visit the “Have your say” page on the Commission’s website for further information and to make a submission.


National Anti-Racism Framework




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