Victoria Current COVIDSafe Settings

Victoria Current COVIDSafe SettingsAs of midnight on 15 December, Victoria’s vaccination requirements change – read more, with translation.

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Vaccination requirements
Many venues can only open for people (including workers) who are fully vaccinated or excepted.

On this page, fully vaccinated means someone who:

  • has received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, or has a valid medical exemption.
  • Vaccination requirements apply to everyone aged 18 years or over, unless you have a valid medical exemption from an authorised medical practitioner.

People under the age of 18 years are considered fully vaccinated. Vaccination requirements are different for workers. Visit Information for workers required to vaccinated for more information

Going out

Venues you can attend if you are fully vaccinated include:

  • food and drink venues (e.g. restaurants and pubs)
  • nightlife venues (e.g. bars and nightclubs)
  • entertainment venues (e.g. cinemas, zoos)
  • events (e.g. festivals, fun runs and conferences)
  • tourism venues (e.g. walking tours, buses)
  • casinos/gaming venues and adult entertainment venues.

If you don’t meet the vaccination requirements, you can’t enter these venues.

Vaccination requirements don’t apply to food and drink venues operating for takeaway only.

Alternatively, click here for the full list of updated restrictions.


Victoria Current COVIDSafe Settings  



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